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Game Theory: FNAF Sister Location DECODED! (FNAF 5)

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  1. The puppet is a girl and the puppet is not ennard



  3. But balloon boy has a humanoid face

  4. I
    Little does Matpat know his future theories fixes his older theories

  5. But if you put Freddy and co. Yendo is Active so he represents Chica so MatPat is wrong

  6. I think I understand, the kid that was killed outside is just possesing psychic friend freadbear, so Sammy is the first victim who is the real puppet?

    We will never know

  7. turn on captions at 7:22 8:05 14:40 15:31 17:55 and 18:07
    If there are any other funny ones please tell me

  8. This is why I love game titles
    They make great puns

  9. What the “intense” music that plays in the intro

  10. I havn't seen the vid yet, but I know I'll love it. Also, for you to know, I'm typing and watching on my phone.

  11. THE EXERIMENTS William afton is doing experiments on baby trying to get his daughter back!!!!!

  12. The pig girl is the one who is baby

  13. I think dat the baby's of baby are the kits how purple gay murder

  14. Ok but this seems very correct. Great job

  15. mat pat I think you are making Fnaf sound like it's super old like on 1000s

  16. tangled wire gut is called ENARD!!!

  17. Fun fact: if you listen to the sister location trailer backwards, you will hear a hidden message: "suicide didn't work"

  18. hmm. Baby's acting up let's give her a controlled shock. another one. another one. another

  19. ahh the first theory i saw on game theory


  20. WAIT! on night 4 Baby "ennard" gets you in a unknown suit, BUT! its FUNTIME CHICA!!!

  21. umm matpat.. just wondering.. what colour is spring trap? Green or yellow/golden? cause in fnaf 3 it looks green…

  22. Watching this from the newest lore video and this is just a comedy video cuz most of it was wrong

  23. How i see it when it said you don't know what we've been through it's talking about when they got killed and traped in the underground

  24. that sammy guy that died sounds pretty cool

  25. You know… concerning psychic friend fred bear… you have stated in another theory that the bears were possibly cameras… what if they also had audio linked to them? Two way audio. If they were used for surveillance than why wouldn't he try to use that to monitor what was being said more closely? And if that is true… that means that Baby was talking to the crying child right before he died to let him know that she was there… She would put him back together.

  26. rough piano music plays, very scary, much wow

  27. dont hold it against her, you dont know whats shes been through or maybe now you do……………………………..AWESOME LINE MA8

  28. Purple guy on the buissniss side. Other guy makes animatronics. In the science aninatronics episode, it said about the bite and how tge purple guy was so crazy he made the suits sble to kill people. Im confused ???

  29. sammy and 5 other kids!! sammy, michael and 4 other kids

  30. Why in all other songs and games of fnaf sl the doors lead back outside when u saw the elevator? Right? Like its down deep underground theres no ground level

  31. "Hello Internet!" pSH EXCUSE ME XD

  32. My jaw dropped like four times during this video XD

  33. He said mah name 💗💗💗

  34. he's here he's there he's everywhere who ya' gonna call phsycic friend fred bear! the should be a show about that

  35. So William Afton and Michael Afton are completely different.

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