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Parallel Parking – The Right Distances

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  1. I can't take it anymore my car, i can't take no more

  2. Thanks to your techniques, I passed my road test! I went through so many videos on YouTube but yours made more sense and easy to follow. Thanks again!! 😊

  3. hey brother any way you can show us how to execute a right turn properly at the lights. i keep hug the island, or not staying in my lane.

  4. Did what your video said and passed my drivers test!

  5. Good i.did it this way. It's better

  6. I have a question. When your doing your drivers exam, do you use your own car or the DMV's car for exams?

  7. What's bad is I passed my test but I can't reverse park very well I noticed from 00:59 you are actually looking through your passenger window , where do we line up if its the drivers window?

  8. One of the best explaned videos about parallel parking 🙂

  9. My test is on this Thursday.

  10. Please make a video of how to judge the clearance between Right side of the car and stationary object/moving vehicle – Tips for passing Adequate Clearance Driving Test.

  11. How close to the car I should be before I do parking, because I start getting close I might hit the car or be too close, but one full turn help ?

  12. What if there aren't cars but cones instead? How would you align yourself? I got my test on Monday

  13. Do they space the cones out well for the road test? I'm taking it next week in Pennsylvania in case anyone knows.

  14. how tall would the cones me ?

  15. Thanks man, best tutorial ever. This video really helped me a lot. I PASSED my driving test TODAY.

  16. The parallel parking I have to do does not involve any cars or cones but a long street of empty parking spaces
    The instructor say to pick any spot
    Does this mean I can just roll up into any space
    Like go over one space and into the other to get my car into the space?

  17. Sir, I salute you for the instruction that u have given it to me. Tomorrow I will take a G test . Wish me luck

  18. Thank you so much sir! I feel confident I'll pass my driving exam now!

  19. I was doing this and did not work for me on cones

  20. very specific, professional and to the point , great video

  21. l lik this video arabe. tank .

  22. What if I had small (hatchback) car & the other car is big (sedan) car, I got no trunk in my car how should I park or Aline with the other car.

  23. I passed my driving test because of your videos, your videos helped me a lot Thank you 🙂

  24. Thank you so much sir, This video helped me a lot in Parallel parking & I have passed my G test yesterday 🙂 Stay Blessed

  25. I practice a lot but still my car parked far from curb on the parallel parking …. could you please correct me where am I go wrong

  26. Have ma test today hope tis technique works

  27. My test is tomorrow and I need to practice some more on parallel parking

  28. Video on taking turn with clutch brake control!!!!

  29. Like this video! Definetely will test it tomorrow! Thabk you.

  30. I follow the steps but sometimes my car does need up getting to close to the car in front of me. I tried backing up my car just a bit before following steps two and three…

  31. good info.. thanks very much..

  32. look like simple, ill try again thanks👍😀

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