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Florida Georgia Line – H.O.L.Y.

H.O.L.Y.” is on FGL’s latest release DIG YOUR ROOTS. Click here: http://smarturl.it/DigYourRoots Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing H.O.L.Y..

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  1. I remember getting head in the back of my chevy nova when this first played on the radio lol

  2. this is the best song in the world

  3. my boyfriend sang this to me

  4. Is it just me or does that girl have some Sasquatch feet?


  6. What the heck is going on with you guys

  7. This music is for fat, middle class southern white people who want to be ‘country’. It’s for those lard asses you see in oversized pickups and SUVs, riding your ass while they chug their half gallon Whataburger soda and their fat wives and fat kids stare at their smart phones, oblivious to the world around them. It’s music for people who bring their entire, fat, Under Armour t-shirt wearing family to Sam’s club every weekend and require two shopping carts to accommodate all the Hot Pockets and toilet paper they need for the week. It’s music for those tubby cunts whose only interests are shopping, eating fast food, watching football and drinking beer. It’s music for Trump voters and their obese kids who only dream of products they hope to own one day. It’s music for those people who have stickers on the back windows of their HUMMERS and RAPTORS that show off the logos for products they’ve purchased, like YETI and OAKLEY. It’s music for people who eat at Hooters. It’s music for people who own things that say SALT-LIFE. It’s music for those disgusting, rosy cheeked chunks of lard who get all teary eyed when Lee Greenwood’s Proud to be an American comes on the radio. It’s music for guys who masturbate to Bass Pro Shop catalogs. It’s music for these embarrassing douches who argue over whether Dodge, Chevy or Ford makes a better truck. It’s for these southern frat boy twats who have a Ducks Unlimited license plates. These people are the embarrassment of the nation and the reason the rest of the world now laughs at this country. These people are the reason the U.S. uses more oil than anyone else cause they’re getting 10 miles to the gallon just to go pick up their Monster Thick Burger every damn day on their lunch break. THEY are the reason the terrorists want to blow us up. This band glorifies that lifestyle and has helped to make it dangerous for Americans to travel abroad. Fuck this band and fuck their fans. You are responsible for turning this country into the smelly dumpster it has become, and you’re actually proud of it.

  8. High on this song😘😘😘😘😘😘

  9. This song makes me cry so much… 😢 I've been moving to a bunch of different schools until I got to one school in NY where I stayed there the longest, 3 and a half years. It was the only place where I had enough time to make real friends. Now my dad and I r moving to Texas. My bf, my friend and I loved this song. 😭

  10. Good grief. The smokin hot women these guys must be banging!

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  13. What does the H.O.L.Y. stand for????? It doesn't mean HOLY does it? I hope not.

  14. man i've noticed the massive number of clicks/views on country songs, good ! great to see that god ol' American country is as popular as ever. 🙂

  15. These girls are "NOT" Country music. They are just a bit band in disguise.

  16. Good stuff, I honestly thought this was a christian song when I first heard this..

  17. One of the best country songs ever!!!

  18. I would've asked out my crush if she didn't die of cancer

  19. i just got ingaged cause of this song

  20. How to video&Support at https://m.youtube.com&DirecTvNow playing on YouTubeTv&Roku2-4A6548062924

  21. that girl has some big feet while walking down the sand 😅😅

  22. X😀😀😀😀😅😅😅😅😅😅

  23. I love that song very much herd EVERY SONG IT'S ASAM GOD LOVE EACH OF Y'ALL DOING GOOD 👌👍😚😏😇😹😻👈👉✌👥❤👏💓💔💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟❣💌💫👗👢👜👡👕👖👞

  24. OMG 0:38 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  25. Demons that kept him from freedom…


  26. Listen, repeat, listen, repeat!!!!!! Cant get enough of this song!!!!!

  27. im H.O.L.Y High on loving someone

  28. I like it like this is the only song I listen to

  29. My dad passed away while listening to this

  30. เพลงนี้เพราะจัง

  31. I love you Jacqueline so much babe , you the only one for me babe

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