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American Gangster (2/11) Movie CLIP – Somebody Or Nobody (2007) HD

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  1. "come on"BAM!!You asked for it..

  2. I'm kind of surprised there aren't any references in the comments to the similar scene in "New Jack City," which was a sort of then-modern updating of the Frank Lucas story.

  3. either your somebody or your nobody…

  4. The gunslinger is supposed to be white…."pop".

  5. Did this actually happen?

  6. Denzel Washington > Idris Elba

  7. He came back there like everything is fine

  8. typical black America

  9. The music really reminds me of the original Dawn of the Dead.

  10. What money?
    *pulls out pistol
    Oh, you mean this money

  11. I won't lie I got wet seeing that.

    And I'm a guy ffs

  12. i guess he has a head-ache

  13. I pictured Denzel walking back in the restaurant, looking at the table and going "who the fuck ate my blueberry muffin?…."

  14. He clearly owed him the 20%. The bullet never lies.

  15. Denzel is a fucking savage

  16. I want Reeves and Denzel in a film together best gun fight film will be made

  17. the bodyguard wont do anything, because its denzel…

  18. it was that moment the body gaurd knew he picked the wrong profession lol

  19. denzel can transform any manuscript full of meaningless shit, to the depeest shit ever.

  20. What you gonna shoot me frank?? Puts head on the barrel,, pulls the trigger himself

  21. so what was i saying hahaha OMG this motherfucka crazy

  22. when there's an objective on gta saying

    " kill or spare Tango"

  23. A little too Hollywood for my taste, not very real.

  24. in a black neighborhood you can kill a man in the middle of a crowded street and go to the dinner finish your meal

  25. when denzel tells you 20% you better fucking listen

  26. frank teddy debs lucas respect kong of the drug world cartels his only great xs ?daughter who was stolen

  27. 1:16 How the hell did Platt travel to the 1960's?

  28. Not AGAIN Stringer Bell! Not AGAIN!

  29. 0:48–The DIPSET version of this scene:

    Denzel: Yo, what's Poppin', B?
    Idris: Dis iz MY block…you supposed to share dis right here. That's y'all spot over there…I'm over he–[*POP*]
    Denzel: THAT's what's Poppin'!

  30. Human life is worth more than money.

  31. Quote from man shot:

    "What are you gonna do, shoot me?"

  32. Now Thor is going to come back to avenge the death of Heimdall.

  33. The actor playing ''Tango'' is really good.

  34. Edris' American accent is on point. Damn, this flick has some top notch actors.

  35. in broad daylight in public like i dont give a fuck and then on down the line

  36. Even Omar didn't have the guts to shoot Stringer Bell in a crowded market in broad daylight.

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