Why is Methamphetamine drug use so popular? What happens when people try Meth? What happens to Meth addicts? How do Meth addicts physically change?

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  1. these are extreme meth users daily users more like hourly users to these ppl smoking meth was like smoking a ciagrette i been smoking meth every now and then (never daily) for about 5 years now and i dont seem to crave it to much just wen i get really bored to be honest i get sick of the dam drug after a weekend of partying

  2. I saw this is in health class so terrifying people I hope I never see them some day

  3. It's really sad because most of the people on here were good looking before they took the drug

  4. Bob didn't really look that different in the after photo.
    Just goes to show if you use once a week you can get away with it.

  5. This video made me stop doing meth.

  6. instead of schools showing a guy that says don't do drugs how about they show this ?

  7. Some of those girls were actually quite pretty once upon a time. So tragic and such a waste.

    What could push someone to continually do that to themselves while they slowly fall apart.

    Krokodil will be plentiful on the streets in the US soon. It's already there bit it hasn't exploded……yet. Now THAT is one scary fucking drug, if you could even call it that with what they make it with.

  8. They've all been picking at those imaginary bugs under their skin.

  9. Reminds me of America….Before and after BUSH / CHENEY…And Obama continues the destruction of us all…

  10. before drugs (^-^) AFTER DRUGS (0,.#) DONT DO DRUGS

  11. Please get yourself the help that's available to you?You are worth it to live a wonderful life & NOT this HELL. God Bless.

  12. zombie drug, this shit is disgusting

  13. I know when I grow up I ain't doin no meth or drugs

  14. At least one of the after photos was a post-mortem

  15. What happened to Heather ? She was burned in a fire , that isn't meth, unless she was cooking it ?

  16. dont do drugs kids and stay in school

  17. You are definitely going to need a lot of help if you decide to do meth! Don't Do It!

  18. Scared the shit out of me never ever doing drugs

  19. Bob still looks the same .-.

  20. Meth is the trash cracka drug! Lol

  21. tim didnt seem to start out with a lot of promise to be fair !!

  22. its like watching walking dead turning from before and after.

  23. omg, creepy music-i will never do meth!!

  24. Suprised Amy Thomson wasn't in this wow.

  25. For those of you who are currently going through it, or for those that have gone through it know that…. Total recovery is possible. It's amazing what plenty of food and rest can do given that you totally remove yourself from that shitty, hell bent, self destructive environment once and for all. Great vid and God Bless.

  26. Poor Shaun..was a good looking kid before he messed with meth & his after pic looks like someone from the holocaust. I'm so sad for these dear people who somehow got hooked on this poison.

  27. god help these poor people and pray that these images stop anyone else doing this to themselves joni dundee scotlandx

  28. If you do meth you might as well drink bleach and take a gasoline bath everyday after snorting battery acid. Not natural, normal, or fun. Only those who have given up resort to that.

  29. Meth is causing a zombie apocalypse

  30. May he bless and keep thee, may he shine his countenance upon you and give you peace.
    I hope these people find peace some day.

  31. this is so sad…….why do people destroy themselfs like this?

  32. Call 844-461-8218 to receive free addiction treatment. There's no cost or obligation to get treated today.

  33. Recovery from addiction is possible. Check out our channel. At Hope361 we inspire hope and aid in your recovery from addiction and help you get your life back.

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