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Driving Test #3: Parallel Parking

Learn more at http://dol.wa.gov. How many moves should it take for a driver to Parallel Park? How far should the tires be away from the curb? This video answers …

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  1. honestly just have your mirrors lined up with the other car, turn the wheel to the right once until your mirror is behind the tail light. Then quickly turn the wheel left twice . The car will do the rest. It went perfectly everytime i parallal parked.

  2. and again, no blinker indicating her intention, I know it seems like a small detail, but people can fail their test if this isn't done.

  3. I honestly find parallel parking easy, backing around a corner is much harder.

  4. She didn't put her turn signal on as she was leaving though

  5. why'd they start out this video like we're about to watch a reenactment of a crime scene.

  6. can any update on the test like is it the same or o they do it differently? I live in Tacoma, wa

  7. what a joke, no wonder are kids are so screwed up…

  8. OMG, thank you.  You changed the way I view parallel parking.  It looks so easy!

  9. Years later, I'm surprised I passed my driver's test at all lol This is actually the part I passed first and got nervous during the road test.

    If you can take your test with a little car with minimal back end, it helps. Good luck, kiddies.

  10. So we don't discuss exactly how far to pull up (rear bumper to rear bumper) nor how close to get to the lead car (3 feet away), nor when to start turning back to left (when your "B" pillar post is even with lead car rear bumper, nor how much to turn wheel (full lock each time). Otherwise, thanks. Watch your right front bumper to lead car left rear bumper, as "B" pillar can vary car to car…..

  11. Passed mine today, this video helped me a lot

  12. In Texas (or any other state), when you parallel park could you use one hand?

  13. taking my test tomorrow 😭 all week i have had such terrible anxiety!! i live in texas anyone know if the test is difficult

  14. Driving test starts in 2 hours. Scared to death, but this video helped a lot

  15. I live in WA & my test is in a few days. When reversing she is turned and she only has one hand on the steering wheel, is this the correct way? Or should I have both hands on the wheel?

  16. When you enter traffic again, you have to signal out again, one thing I see that she forgot.

  17. you guys forgot to mention that you need to place your turn signal to the left before parallel parking

  18. Going to take mine today

  19. must be different rules over there , crossing hands when driving on the wheel isnt allowed in the u.k think she did this when pulling out from the space to join the road at the end . we do the boring push pull method ..

  20. This tutorial assumes you already know how to parallel park, it is just reminding you of the safety precautions you need to take as you do it. It doesn't tell you how to do the parking itself.

  21. pulling out from a parking spot signal is very important.

  22. easy said then done, pactice a lot of it will help it let's a person feel claim.

  23. She was really good to be onest😂

  24. she parallel parked using just 1 hand….not a good thing to do

  25. taking my test in 3 hours! Hope I pass!

  26. tomorrow my test so nervous 😵

  27. Road test in October!! So nervous for it 😩

  28. She didn't signal before parallel parking!!! This will lose you point on the test.

  29. Am I the only one who thinks parallel parking is easy? I like to pull up next to the car, then I put the car on rear. Then I turn to the right one full time while backing up slowly until I'm staring right at the other cars bumper. Then, I turn one to the left until I see right down the other car's side. Lastly, I turn all the way left & adjust so the car straightens out.

  30. Today I m Fail Parallel Parking Very Sad Moment I m Shocked This Time

  31. where is the push pull method bitch?

  32. So nervous for tomorrow 😬😬prayers needed 🙏

  33. My test is in 10 days I'm so scared 😱😭😓

  34. i've got my driving test in the hour, wish me luck

  35. In my state, you are forbidden from using your side mirrors while parallel parking… 🙁

  36. damn, wishing i was this lady rn

  37. On the Michigan driver skills test, you get marked down if you pull forward after backing into a parallel parking space. You must complete the parking move while only backing up.

  38. She did the parallel parking great, but she forgot to put her left blinker on as she re entered the street.

  39. One of if not the most important thing in a road test is being confident because you spend hundreds of dollars and take a whole bunch of lessons so you know what your doing its just your nerve that makes you make silly mistakes

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