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West Memphis Police Shooting (Full Video)

Around 11:36 a.m. CDT, West Memphis police officer Bill Evans initiated a traffic stop on a white Dodge Caravan minivan that was travelling on Interstate 40 …

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  1. Giving their life to protect the innocent, is the most unselfish deed. Thank you ……..seems to small….😔

  2. According to google the most dangerous jobs are
    Logging workers. Noah Clayton/Getty Images. …
    Fishers and related fishing workers. …
    Aircraft pilots and flight engineers. …
    Refuse and recyclable material collectors. …
    Farmers, ranchers, agricultural managers. …
    Structural iron and steel workers. …
    Driver/sales workers and truck drivers. …
    Electrical power line installers and repairers.

    Interesting footnote. Sport fishing is much more dangerous than hunting. They fall in the canals around where I live and drown frequently.

  3. Step 5) Be glad dog lived

  4. Step 4) Drag dead moron to tree…

  5. Two domestic terrorist —– poor should not supposed to ask any question that fat white trash. He was supposed shoot in the head and his inbred son.

  6. Anyone who claims sovereignty like these idiots did deserves to die. These two were smoked in a Wal Mart parking lot which is way too good for trash like them. Its a bunch of snotty dumbasses that don't understand that the reason they've had issues with government their whole lives is because they've CAUSED it. I've served hard time and still hold police officers in very high regard. 'Sovereigns' don't want to pay for what they've done because they're pussies, and they don't want to have to work for their freedoms…which in itself, is a freedom. These motherfuckers ran around the country scamming people and they believe they deserve the world. They should have been burned alive, just like the rest of 'em.

  7. I can't believe no one has noticed the ghost that leaves the mini van at about 11:40 into the video! Watch on a large screen and let me know how many goose bumps run up your arm!!! Total freaking crazy!!!!

  8. I just noticed something interesting…the shirt that Jerry (the son) is wearing in the video is red or orange but the picture of him lying dead outside the minivan , supposedly only a few minutes later , he is wearing a blue shirt…google that image if you don't believe me

  9. This is incredibly sad.

  10. They are traitors simple as that. Glad they took two with them atleast they got that.

  11. I am part black. Raised in projects with aid of welfare, foster homes, group homes. You know why the police in my 51 years do not harass me despite my driving/traveling in every neighborhood in the USA? It is because I see them as human beings first, police officer second. I am not "pro police" or conservative. I support BLM. I abhor and am very vocal against police murdering unarmed citizens.

    Too many police have problem is USA of trigger happy. That does not justify random murder of innocent police officers.


  13. I used to honestly believe in so much firearm freedom but I no longer do anymore. We need to make it harder to buy firearms than it is to be a damn astronaut!

  14. Dog says F– this, my furry ass is gone!

  15. When 4Chan and BLM attacks the comments 0_0

  16. i live in west memphis and can tell you this isn't all of the video. there are close ups of the cops so you can tell cpr was of no good. they were dead before backup arrived. as for the boy they cut out his and dear old dads bullet ridden bodies in the vehicle and on the ground.

  17. That's a lucifer child, send him back to him

  18. where was all the cops and RW media

  19. I see they don't even attempt CPR on their own.

  20. job related hazard, fuck em

  21. I grew up in west Memphis and knew these two personally they were good cops went out of there way not to write a ticket r.i.p bill Evans and Brandon

  22. Sovereign citizens.
    Din du nuffn edition.

  23. Being a Police Officer was always a dangerous job.
    More and more (also based on the responses and views) it is becoming even more dangerous.
    I have no idea why anyone, today would want to be a cop.

    There are more a**holes concerned about the dog then the cop who was shot.

    For those that have written bad about the police. I hope that one day when you are waiting for the police to respond to your call for help, THE POLICE TAKE THEIR TIME IN RESPONDING !

  24. hahaha fuck your breath! sounds familiar? eat shit pigs

  25. I hope all you mother fuckers that wish death and pain on good people burn in hell. Sovereign piss of shit scums got what they deserved, i only wish their death was more painful.

  26. an arrogant dead police officer always makes me happy

  27. Those brave officers who stopped them from the front. Think about it. They basically knew they were going to be taking AK47 fire for doing that, and they did it anyway. That's heroic.

  28. I bet he won't pull over and harass anyone else because they had out of state tags.

  29. SOLUTION….360 degree cameras

  30. Officers patrolling I 40 need to carry assault rifles

  31. All life is precious, hate to see good cops doing their jobs getting killed. I feel the same way for the citizens who have been killed by officers without justified cause.

    Most cops are good people, but there's always going to be some bad corrupt officers who give the rest a bad name.

  32. What happened to the dog?

    Hopefully okay and much better having been freed from such fetid scumbags of the reprehensible 'sovereign citizen' movement.

  33. I just hope that dog didnt get hurt

  34. Why would a detective (and son of the WMPD Chief) be conducting 'routine' traffic stops along I-40 when that duty is almost always the domain of a regular patrol officer? It appears that he was there with the specific purpose of arresting these men, probably from a 'tip off' by the FBI and/or the degenerates from the SPLC who are a private Zionist spy agency for the Feds. (FYI, Morris Dees who created SPLC is a bi-sexual, child molester and rapist.) The FBI/SPLC consider the hare-brained 'Sovereign Citizens' to be a "threat" to "national security" which is hilarious. I remember when this story was breaking live a local Memphis TV station already had a complete dossier on both of these men including videotape of them and in addition brought one of the SPLC degenerates on live to smear the men.The truth of the case was deliberately obfuscated by the criminals in the government and the media.

  35. Just so you cop haters know .. I lost a busy that day.

  36. That's how we deal with cop killers here in Arkansas. Take note. Those 2 murdering MF's got of way to easy.

  37. if this had been a black guy there would be sooooooooooooooo many racist comments lmfao

  38. Ha no code no vitals! Doesn't feel good when ur on that end of the barrel right piggies. Keep killing people & stealing coke from the evidence room u fucking 21 century nazis. Love this video!

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