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West Memphis Police Shooting (Full Video)

Around 11:36 a.m. CDT, West Memphis police officer Bill Evans initiated a traffic stop on a white Dodge Caravan minivan that was travelling on Interstate 40 …

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  1. Giving their life to protect the innocent, is the most unselfish deed. Thank you ……..seems to small….😔

  2. According to google the most dangerous jobs are
    Logging workers. Noah Clayton/Getty Images. …
    Fishers and related fishing workers. …
    Aircraft pilots and flight engineers. …
    Refuse and recyclable material collectors. …
    Farmers, ranchers, agricultural managers. …
    Structural iron and steel workers. …
    Driver/sales workers and truck drivers. …
    Electrical power line installers and repairers.

    Interesting footnote. Sport fishing is much more dangerous than hunting. They fall in the canals around where I live and drown frequently.

  3. Step 5) Be glad dog lived

  4. Step 4) Drag dead moron to tree…

  5. Two domestic terrorist —– poor should not supposed to ask any question that fat white trash. He was supposed shoot in the head and his inbred son.

  6. Anyone who claims sovereignty like these idiots did deserves to die. These two were smoked in a Wal Mart parking lot which is way too good for trash like them. Its a bunch of snotty dumbasses that don't understand that the reason they've had issues with government their whole lives is because they've CAUSED it. I've served hard time and still hold police officers in very high regard. 'Sovereigns' don't want to pay for what they've done because they're pussies, and they don't want to have to work for their freedoms…which in itself, is a freedom. These motherfuckers ran around the country scamming people and they believe they deserve the world. They should have been burned alive, just like the rest of 'em.

  7. I can't believe no one has noticed the ghost that leaves the mini van at about 11:40 into the video! Watch on a large screen and let me know how many goose bumps run up your arm!!! Total freaking crazy!!!!

  8. I just noticed something interesting…the shirt that Jerry (the son) is wearing in the video is red or orange but the picture of him lying dead outside the minivan , supposedly only a few minutes later , he is wearing a blue shirt…google that image if you don't believe me

  9. This is incredibly sad.

  10. They are traitors simple as that. Glad they took two with them atleast they got that.

  11. I am part black. Raised in projects with aid of welfare, foster homes, group homes. You know why the police in my 51 years do not harass me despite my driving/traveling in every neighborhood in the USA? It is because I see them as human beings first, police officer second. I am not "pro police" or conservative. I support BLM. I abhor and am very vocal against police murdering unarmed citizens.

    Too many police have problem is USA of trigger happy. That does not justify random murder of innocent police officers.


  13. I used to honestly believe in so much firearm freedom but I no longer do anymore. We need to make it harder to buy firearms than it is to be a damn astronaut!

  14. Dog says F– this, my furry ass is gone!