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40′ CONTAINER HOME: All bases covered

Custom Container Homes in St. Louis has been super busy lately building shipping container homes for customers all over the country. To me, it’s amazing how …

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  1. This tiny home has no ventilation fan in the bathroom and no range hood with fan above the stove.

  2. Dont look right with small wood burning stove to heat burn your legs as you get up sleepy-eyed in the morning. Looks good though.

  3. This looks very nice ! I could definitely rock this .

  4. Bom dia! Gostaria saber, pode faser casa de contentor em Portugal, Aveiro?
    Qual preço casa de contentor 2.5×40 (13m)?
    Que tenho terreno 6x115m, será possível colocar casa de contentor?

  5. You really need to find someone else to do the tours. Someone who can at least read the script without stumbling over it, and maybe even put some feeling into it. This woman doesn't seem very impressed with the house so why should I be?

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  8. Did anybody else notice the French door hinges were on the outside of the house

  9. I am not finding a web site on line….? Any names more specific to this company? Would appreciate any info. Thank you.

  10. Very clean and attractive. Love the roll up door!

  11. nice dint in the fridge,im sure your client will like that

  12. this is perfect for me! Except I'd want small stairs. Soooo cute! Amazing job!

  13. how much to buy and ship to Washington state.

  14. Nice bit where's the washer/drier?

  15. Nice , well done, looks pro.

  16. This is a trending topic with tiny houses, I would like to see some tiny luxury houses!

  17. Ladder is dangerously close to the stove.

  18. $70K for a container home is a little bit on the high-end. Add in your land cost + Transportation to site + Site Prep, you are going to be well over $100K. I think self-building this unit would be a much more cost-effective approach. Even if you hired a general contractor to do the work. 40ft Containers can be bought for really cheap.

  19. you would burn yourself as you go up the ladder to the loft as its fixed..

  20. shes yelling at me while explaining the home…its nice though, but she gotta find a better camera, probably something in the THIS age and not Stone Age…

  21. they say bigger is better i disagree

  22. I love the cute little stove!

  23. 7000 people are reading this conversation lol !

  24. love to have this house just for me

  25. I wish they could have showed the closet 😊

  26. So gorgeous ! Always find 40ft is far better than a 20ft because of all the extra space you get.

  27. Was this filmed with a 1990 microwave?

  28. Nice job recording using a decade old handycam

  29. Tiny Home YES….. Container Home… Not @ All….

  30. Shutter for front door? Pretty badass

  31. Wow, awesome work. One of the best looking containers I've seen.

  32. Reasonable amount of space especially in the loft area. Nice house.

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