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$30 MILLION Mansion in Lake Saint Louis (US Fidelis Car Warranty CEO)

See how the other half lives, temporarily anyway… Former home of US Fidelis car warranty CEO Darain Atkinson. Located in Lake St. Louis Missouri, cost nearly …

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  1. The sad thing is these people think they really deserve all this.

  2. I need a new life start! Who would be in?

  3. Omg omg want this new life start

  4. funny how the three neighboring properties in front of this have smaller homes on them but each house comes with more land than this one.

  5. I hope someone fed the fish during all of this or at least found them a new home.


  7. " A Fool and His Money are soon Parted"

  8. You know your fucking WEALTHY when you can build a house for $30 million, and just pick up and leave. Take all the furniture and bounce, peace out….. Wow….. I don't think these people could ever live so humbly like most of us…

  9. How big does it have to be, before the rich man are happy. It really is a shame, because a mansion like that can go into decay slowly. I have bin quite a lot around in England, and their old mansion's and castle's in decay, can really make me sad, because they have a long history and a great beauty. I visited an Bed and breakfast once from the 12oo century, with a stopped dog in the basement, sitting on a silkpillow in a glasscabinet, for about 300 year's, that is history and amazing buildknowledge, just going on and on. America is not old, but their history are not very charming…..

  10. Only a large extended family would want this. Maybe a new Kennedy Compound?

  11. Damn its cool to see big homes but most of us are trying to scrap by the little money we have. Plus those kids have bathrooms that are built like a little castle while there are others who may be homeless and/or go to bed hungry.

  12. Fuck! And while the rest of us are scraping by to! When I see this shit, it makes me sick that there are kids in this country who go the bed with fuck all in their little tummys! The rich get richer and fuck the rest of humanity!!!!!

  13. why does anyone get this greedy???

  14. you have to wonder how much the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Vanderbilts etc stole in their hay day before gov actually traced money. I bet if we could back in time, most of the big houses of the past had long histories of cheating and lying to the tax man lol.

  15. This is over 6yrs old, anyone know what happen to this one?

  16. Must have to be from the 08 crash.

  17. Houses like this I can see a vacation or hunting resort or a multi-family compound, but not as a single home….ridiculous.

  18. Their greed has come back to haunt them.They have lost it all.

  19. I used to drive by that. I can believe it sits vacant.. most rich people are soooooo wasteful.

  20. He has a fucking elevator!๐Ÿ˜ญ

  21. who would need a house this big,it like the one called pensmore being built between Springfield an Branson

  22. I'm the current owner. come over for Halloween party bitches hahaha

  23. I love the style and design. Looks like a palace from Europe transferred next to the lake. Is is so beautiful and grand.

  24. I don't know why people get disgusted by these shows of wealth.

    You are looking at it the wrong way! To build such an extravagance meant that he employed many people and businesses to do so. You want the wealthy to spend and spend, not save and save, or invest and invest….the wealthy's spending habits help to move the economy.

  25. dang that house is cheaper than my house in the wine country

  26. This makes me sick!!!!

  27. what a douchebag reporter can't speak in a normal tone must Shout

  28. Hahaaa….this is 'North American' tasteless trash. No european would ever entertain the idea of living in such a place. Where is the class? Where is the style? It looks like something built of plastic left over from a disney film? Here in Britain its always been reported how American homes are so much bigger and cheaper then British places. Its easy to see why. My two yr old nephew has a play house with better features than this!

  29. it sold for 4 million in the end. wish i could have bought it

  30. .Such a Vulgar display of wealth

  31. Did anyone ever buy these places? It's just appalling how people spend money on things they can't really afford, not looking towards the future wisely so they end up losing it all.

  32. I live 4 miles from lake saint louis and have never seen this house

  33. hope everyone is enjoying this

  34. i almost bought this home but didnt like the location

  35. What' the website he said the other videos could be seen?

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