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4th of July DUI Checkpoint – Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent, while Innocent

Police won’t let me know if I’m being detained (I broke no laws), they use their K-9 to false alert on my car giving themselves permission to search my stuff, and …

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  1. Eh, I hate people like this. In 30 secs, he could have just rolled his window down and the cop wouldn't have suspected anything. But no, some people just have to show off that they've studied something so basic . Probably doesn't even have a good job and at best what he could do is talk about how he knows his rights. He's probably not even a lawyer or anything. I understand there are cases where cops do more than they're granted, but it's not in this one. The driver was trying to taunt the cop, just to prove him self right.

  2. Same thing happened to me in Petal, Ms. Not only did they do the fake drug dog search ploy, he separated me from my very pregnant wife and started implying I was secretly a big drug dealer and that she didn't know the real me. She was so mad at them she was in tears.

  3. Pathetic ass power hungry white filth… disgrace.

  4. Seriously, if you didn't do anything illegal or had anything illegal on you then why don't you cooperate? That police officer is just doing his job…

  5. another snowflake millenial. i guess he gets pleasure from doing this, what a psycho..

  6. It's literally a dui stop just a simple yes or no answer I don't understand why you have to be so difficult

  7. Ok so "mr smartguy" since it's been a long time and you haven't posted dick about what happened afterwards in the COURTS, clearly you lost. LOL. How embarrassing for you! You are a fucking child. Al you had to do was be polite, show him your ID and you would be on your way in NO TIME. But noooooo – you had to think that you were the one in power and now your car is scratched to shit. LOL

  8. "pull over to the side right dare!!!!!" lol redneck cop

  9. All of this could have been avoided if you just opened the window.

  10. Andy Perry let me sum the whole are DUI check points constitutional. The supreme court case Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz, a majority determined that the needs to prevent and stop drunk driving out weigh the minor inconvenience of a law abiding citizen. Its the federal govt that determined that DUI check points are legal. Even though it is not written down in the constitution it is still something the govt has the power to do. Its called implied powers. Like arresting, its not written down in the constitution but its so obvious that they should have the power to do that that our founding fathers didnt bother to waste the ink.

  11. this us what is known as bending or abusing loop holes in the law to achieve breaking/abuse the law and get away with it he clearly mocked him for ascerting his rights. you couldv argued in court ilegal search but they would easily say it was a odor in air or particle leftover something. thats why cops bug you because alot of holes in the they can and do abuse like they can lie i think they could do who knows how far they can bend that but its cause for concern. but i think thats one important right that would stop this abuse right to bear arms if a cop wants to use his power and influence to hurt or frame you youll have means to defend yourelf.

  12. it's hard some times to fight the police,not all cops r bad but there some out there,cost a lot of money to fight them.some times u just have to give in

  13. Why can't that asshole get shot!! He is a bigger criminal then anybody he ever arrest!!

  14. I've been stopped at one of these while doing nothing wrong and the most screwed up thing happened. I answered his questions with yes sir and no sir, presented to him my valid driver's license and insurance. You know what this monster did? He let me go on my merry f*cking way, even had the audacity to tell me to have a nice night. Stupid games win you stupid prizes. I really hope this idiot gets creamed by a dui driver.

  15. These false dog alerts should be recorded so that after so many numerous false dog alerts they will lose the legitimacy of the practice or the dog gets retired……………maybe the reality of losing these dog's and this tactic it will cause them to stop abusing peoples rights and just search cars that actually get real drug hits……………………….I think the fact that they allow the dog to scratch peoples cars is just another abuse they put on people who invoke their rights……………..its no surprise when you hear about another crazy person snapping and blasting another cop in the head…………..Its like Nazi Germany and the demand for papers

  16. We don't have those in Texas there deemed unconstitutional state law

  17. IF you feel your rights are being violated and you are being detained without articulated reasonable cause for suspicion that a crime has been committed, then your job is to document everything you can and use your right to REMAIN SILENT until your lawyer is present. The ONLY time to challenge the guy with the badge and a gun is in the court room with a judge!
    One would think with all the lawsuits that have been already won on these kinds of civil rights violations that they would cease and desist a long time ago. But apparently not. It is not your job to put the officer in check. That's the job of the court judge!

  18. I say Fuck you, and if the police jail drunk drivers they can do this every day of the week.

  19. what a nice video channel of human exercise.

  20. Some cop's are good, some are bad.They are all doing there job as they should.

  21. He who trades freedom for security will have and deserve neither.

  22. You should have consulted with an attorney. You have the video that clearly shows the fault of the officer(s).

  23. in auatralia you need to carry id all the time, so they know who you are, you could be a known felon, have warrents ect , this invasive if your doing nothing wrong but they are doing their job, what you got to hide bub.

  24. Beware u fucking pigs and u fucking cunts because I to will be taking a oath and I promise to uphold the people's rights and I will uphold the constitution of our nation and I will seek justice

  25. I will never let a cop or a judge take away any of my rights they can kiss my ass if they do because I will defend my rights and their ain't shit a bitch ass police officer or stupid fucking judge can do about it so with that said fuck u to all those crooked ass cops and you crooked ass judges I will be coming for u in the court of law once I am done with schooling and I will expose as many of u as I can

  26. fuck these crooked ass cops if u can't uphold the constitution then u shouldn't be a cop find another career

  27. When u are a officer of the law u take a oath to uphold our constitutional rights but guess what almost all cops violate your rights and will continue to violate your rights if u don't know your rights it's to time for America to fight back

  28. 2 weeks later some other punk kid who knows his rights gets through a checkpoint, blows through a red light and kills someone. How about just not being a dick. I work in a high crime area and go through about a half dozen checkpoints a year. They're trying to do their jobs. Try being a help, not a hindrance.

  29. Chris, thanks for the reply and yes its bad everywhere, even up here in NorCal. I live just outside San Francisco where there's so much fear of anyone who doesn't look like a clean cut citizen, wasn't always this way. I can only imagine what its like in SoCal! While the local community is very liberal politically, their fear of "crime" in the community created a police state atmosphere that goes overboard in many ways. Apparently if you look at all different than a square they'll watch you and treat you like a crook when you're not one. It's insane, these people will call 911 if a person they don't recognize has the nerve to walk by their home and look at it! Wasting police time! There are no checkpoints in the bay area that include detector dogs as happened in your video! Police officers in the 3 big cities here, SF, OAK and SJ are reasonable for the most part and not as overzealous as they have more serious issues to deal with than harassing people who for minor stuff. In the city a person who happens to look "different", has not committed any crime can walk down the street and feel some freedom! However the paranoia in these smaller communities is ridiculous, you can feel it in the commercial areas with cops walking around looking as if they know they have too little to do and departments overstaffed but look for petty issues (smoking in public, jaywalking, not being a square ,etc) and then use the citizens paranoia to justify it.

  30. Typical overzealous police officers driven by the war on drugs-zero tolerance culture brought on by the Nixon-Reagan-Bush drug war hypocrisy during the 70's through the early 90's! Obviously still going strong in the south. A shame as the southern states of our country is awesome with the exception of this BS!!!

  31. Why do you guys do this shit? It's a two minute checkpoint. If you had just rolled your window down, answered a couple questions, you wouldn't have had to go through this., He Tried smelling your breath but because you're foolish and wouldn't roll down your window, and he asked you to, you went through this.

  32. Sad, but it leaves me wondering if the young man had just complied with the officer from the beginning would it have gone this far or would he have just been allowed to continue on.

  33. Get good cops, Vote for Trump!!!

  34. His actions were abhorrent, as was his methods and reasoning was foolish! Don't want to play the race card, but they do this to negroes and and hispanics daily. It's already been proven time and time again but yet liberal white American conservatives claim institutional racism in America is non existent, and institutional classism. These were "hillbilly cops"! If you were black this situation may have escalated rapidly. Police have NO RIGHT to search you illegally, this is why there is mounting hatred for police in America. They illegally kill people, they get paid time off, especially a nigger!

  35. How about roll your window down why make there job any harder than it is. It's your smart attitude that got you in this mess

  36. FUCK.

  37. Did the department pay for any scratches on your car?

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