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Dashcam Shows Cop Tasering Teen Bryce Masters Into Coma

Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/5clm0J ** Dashcam video released on Monday shows a new view of the moment an Independence police officer used a taser …

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  1. LOL, dude thought he had the "white of way". If a cops tells you to lower the window, you don't act like a smart ass. You be respectful and lower your damn windows.

  2. 2:06 he dropped him like a bag 😰

  3. That little faggot had plenty of time to comply but chose to be a hard ass. Now look at you. Moron…rite or wrong what the cop did you could have avoided the entire thing

  4. The way the cop just drops him at the end made me laugh 😂

  5. Find the cop and kill him! It's really that simple! Every time a cop does something like this, find him and kill him.

  6. Great work with the deescalation barney

  7. How is he supposed to put his hand behind his back when he is being tazed

  8. If a black person did that it wouldn't be a taser…. The cop would have emptied his clip if it was a black person and then planted some evidence in the car ….

  9. And everyone just drove by, I would've got out and fought the cop

  10. as if that officer dropped that poor kid on his head while in cuffs, that shit can be deemed as attempted murder, YOU CAN KILL A MAN DOING THAT, I hope the judge is of the same opinion

  11. This officer must be executed in front of his family.

  12. What a piece of shit pig! This is why law enforcement has a bad wrap! Where is the probable cause

  13. this is the reason cops have a bad rep

  14. I would like to kill that fuckin stupid peice of shit pig I would chop his head off and play soccer on his front lawn

  15. this "police officer" should be hung.

  16. Imagine… if he didn't resist arrest, and fought it in court, like a normal person would, he would not be a vegetable today.

  17. I hope someone murders this fucking pig

  18. Imagine what cops got away with before video cameras………..

  19. If i was this kids dad a few years in Prison wouldnt be enough…….i would burn his house down.

  20. This cop should be EXECUTED. Hopefully someone KILLS this FAG

  21. is the kid retarded not rolling you window all they down on a traffic stop then he tazed the kid into a coma so many things wrong this kid has watched to many cop veidos

  22. faggot kid, with faggot earrings, stupid kid for not listening, parents fault for not teaching your kids to listen to a cop!

  23. what a fucking disgrace, I have two sons and I would hunt down and kill anyone who treated them this way

  24. Hey you fucking retard, get out of the car when a cop tells you to If you don't wanna get tazed.


  26. His parents should have taught him respect


  28. that officer just put a KID into a coma…I cant blame the police force for doing their job though…

  29. I support our boys in blue. But this particular one was a violent psycho.

  30. He never gave a reason for
    The kid to get out of his car, instead he just decided not to respond and taser him 4x longer than they're trained to do.. this is ridiculous And disturbing!!! He tossed him on the curb like trash! If there is no probable cause to pull him out of his car then go about your day, idk who allows these cops on the force to begin with when they obviously don't know the laws!!

  31. It was all good until he kept going with the taser.

  32. As far as im concerned the kid deserved it. He wouldn't listen , he was resisting. Well, if he would have just let the bull do his job he could have been on his merry way in 10 minutes or less. Stupid kid, im sure he thought just because he could give his parents and teachers an attitude he could do it too a cop. Bad Parenting. Im glad he has brain damage because he didn't have any fucking brain to begin with. I hope he shits in a diaper and his mom has to change it.

  33. Do the same thing to this cop !

  34. and they wonder why, increasingly, we fear and hate them. I hate cops

  35. and the wonder why we fear and hate them

  36. He deserved to be tased but for that long??? Noooo 5 seconds at most. Then you give him commands WHILE STILL TASING HIM! You must not understand how a taser works

  37. a police officer can not expect person follow commands while being tased. That is in Most department policy!

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