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120mph Mega Crash! – Fifth Gear

The world’s fastest ever crash test — just how big are the forces involved and how much of a family car is left after it crashes at a speed not uncommon on British …

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  1. My POS ex boss was driving with his wife, doing maybe 110 MPH or 180 KPH, when he passed a slower vehicle on the right (they were on the fast lane obviously). It was dark and he did not notice a deuce and a half 6×6 in the slow lane, rammed the truck from behind and flipped it over from the sheer force of impact. @ passengers from the truck were killed. My ex boss and his wife's bodies were obliterated. Their caskets were not even opened during the wake. They were probably packed in bags or something

  2. My boyfriend and his mates got in an accident like this 🙁 some twat didn't see that they were parked 🙁 I felt like it was my fault as I asked my boyfriend to go to the shops :'(

  3. 4:52 "It's almost turned into a piece of modern art." Yes! Put extremely crashed cars in a museum, dead bodies and all.

  4. The rears look like there ok, could do with a refurbishment

  5. may those passengers rest in peace!😢

  6. a british show using American metrics amazing

  7. one problem, a Ford Focus is governed at 110 MPH.
    Seeing that these are right drive, they also have smaller engines than their US counterparts. They may not even reach 110 MPH.

  8. "Great condition. Runs and drives great, only a few minor dings and scratches to the body. $15,000 firm"

  9. Good example for a heavy foot people….

  10. What a waste of sunglasses

  11. where are the slow mo guys

  12. For sale, Ford Focus some front end damage good for spares, the rear wheel nuts are probably undamaged.

  13. Unfortunately some people really push those BUTTONS,you know the 100+ MPH BUTTONS😱👹💀🔥,specially TEENAGERS,believe me when i say 125 MPH🙈,but NEVER AGAIN😊

  14. What happens after the crash…
    [owner comes outside] Fkn moron damaged my concrete block!

  15. why didn't they drain the gas out of it before they crashed it?

  16. Just sell it on Craigslist mark it, "brand new, small egnition problem."

  17. anyone know the piano music that was used? reminds me a lot of the RE save rooms

  18. I saw the word "gear" expecting to hear clarkson's voice. sadly no

  19. Not quite the fastest. Mythbusters slammed a rocket sled into a small car at the speed of sound..

  20. Vid starts at 3:15

    Britards talk too much….

  21. How to make a compact car 🚗

  22. Mythbusters did it better. The results were, "what car?"

  23. In non retard units

  24. One time I crashed into a wall with spikes on a motorcycle going 300mph luckily I was wearing a helmet

  25. think that'll buff out

  26. Two cars going head on at 120 mph is not equivalent to one car going 120 miles an hour into a brick wall because of newtons third law.

  27. I am selling a 2007 North American Ford any bidders?

  28. Just use BeamNG! (on a serious note, I redid this in BeamNG with the covet and the exact same thing happened, car crumpled and flipped up on its nose)

  29. now i want to see what happens if a car hit a human with the same speed^^

  30. Just think of all the people in Alabama who don't have cars.

  31. If the car had the same finish as the nokia 3310 would have broken the concrete.

  32. any body who has seen fast 7 knows dom could walk away from that crash

  33. 4:51 it's almost turned into a piece of modern art, lol

  34. He acts like someone was in the car

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