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Crash test with and without safety belt

See a head on crash test with and without a safety belt and airbags. Video credit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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  1. Me. On my first time. Driving a car.

  2. But those are some sweet ass rims ;(

  3. When my daughter was in her 3rd year of University she was driving her brand new Kia (2002).  She struck a Van broadside at about 50mph.  Without a seatbelt and airbag she would have almost certainly been killed.  The car was destroyed but passenger compartment remained intact.  She is now a 34 year old Teacher, wife and mother of three.  That same accident just 30 years earlier would have resulted in a funeral.  The Institute for Highway Safety is doing God's work.  Seatbelts and Airbags save about 20,000 American Lives per year when compared to the 1960's when I don't even remember ever even wearing a seatbelt.

  4. Its actually all about how to make the cars out of plastic, so they cost much less natural resources to produce.

  5. What speed is this test performed at?

  6. they should of put airbags for no seatbelts

  7. Since I'm taking driving class (even before but I was less conscious) I always make SURE I have my seatbelt or I'd rather walk then, it's crazy having no seatbelt while driving.

  8. the dummy has muscles to press again !

  9. Listen,when u dont Use seatbelt then when u crash the airbags wont deploy.so if u Use seatbelt the airbag will deploy.you see when the first crash the airbag wont deploy IT means u dont Use seatbelt.if the airbags deploy means u using the seatbelt

  10. the airbag did not trigger when the driver without the seatbelt crashed because the air bag was connected to the seatbelt and triggers when there is a sudden jerk

  11. the first time the airbag doesn't deploy.

  12. only idiots dont wear seatbells.

  13. Why didn't the airbag deploy when no seatbelt and when it deployed, it stayed inflated. Why does that happen?

  14. Everyone! Please read the description before you go on saying in cars if you do not wear a seat belt the airbag will not go off. I have seen to many clueless people commenting about that.

  15. My dad is always complaining about the seatbelt he has to wear in vehicles (because it's the law in the US). Then I showed him this video and now he doesn't complain one bit anymore.

  16. Don't know if I expected seatbelt-deniars to be a thing. Looks like they exist though.

  17. If you know you're about to hit something, and you brace yourself, you won't suffer nearly the injury this inanimate object pictured here does.

  18. I hate the left seatbelt,I love the right seatbelt

  19. so when the driver doesnt wear the belt, the airbag gets disconnected?

  20. They really are dunnys because thay don't were there seat belt 😰😰😰😰😰

  21. Anyone know what car they used in this? Is it like a 94 Lincoln Town Car?

  22. If that was a human, that human would be in a coma.

  23. You must always wear a safety belt.

  24. why didnt the airbag deploy in the first?

  25. More like with and without airbags lol

  26. Am I the only person that feels naked without a seat belt in a car? It amazes me that people don't wear one.

  27. Dang, his head bashed a hole in the windshield

  28. Ummm, i didn't see the airbag deploy when it didnt have seatbelt on…. seems like bullshit to me

  29. omg this kind of creeps me out…. the dummies are wierd and i feel like their gonna be a nightmare for me some day cus those blank faces just…… **shudder**

  30. make sure your seat belts lock when you get in your car or they're worthless. My dad drove his old bronco around without locking seat belts. They were just floppy. Give them a quick hard tug to see if they lock and do their job before you depart if they don't lock get them replaced because they won't do shit to stop you from hitting the steering column / dashboard in a real crash.

  31. The seatbelt don't really held me back and what about the passengers in the front and back they don't have airbags-_-

  32. They both have airbags but when you're not buckled they don't deploy

  33. Am I the only one who noticed that on the crash test without seat belt there's no airbags ? rofl

  34. the arms doesnt resist in this puppet it lets the deceleration happen when th ehead hits the otherwise more or less rigid turnwheel.

  35. Why is the airbag in the first not engaging?

  36. Held up better than a new cars. At least the person stayed in the car in modern car the wheels smash in the frount seat and their head not smacking the out side part if the door jamb and the other cars.

  37. Every drivers should wear safety belt whenever they are going to drive.Lets not regret for our carelessy.

  38. will it fit in my honda?

  39. how slow is the video going? i feel like it's going a little slower than normal, but i would like to know how much slow is it going

  40. All the "this isn't a true comparison" butthurt in the comments is coming from people who don't wear seat belts.

  41. Crash test with and without safety belt = IDIOT.

    it is about without airbag and not without safety belt

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