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Cutlass LS6 burnout leaving Choices car club car show St. Louis, MO

Cutlass LS6 burnout leaving Choices car club car show St. Louis, MO.

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  1. ugly,the tires are gonna pop of how big the wheels are

  2. still has the original rear end from the 6 cylinder. ha stupid monkeys. took them centuries to figure out how to crack there nuts with a rock. they will figure this out too..eventually

  3. those big wheels are awfull …

  4. The rear end almost snapped

  5. I highly doubt a Ls6 but nice ride…

  6. wheel hoop no good but he clean doe

  7. look like he messed up the rear end

  8. that car could sit better, i would drop it with some eibach springs to look more like a grand national

  9. Does it come with a step ladder to get into the trunk?

  10. dont take yo car to atl them niggas gone steal yo shit

  11. he gonna snap that rear end,its not strong enough for all that torque,a strange r Dana rear would make her super stable

  12. Only one way to find out…

  13. Hahaha… He said he ready whenever… Anybody can get it! 

  14. They both got rims… He in a light G-Body on 4's and Wonnie is in a heavy big body Lemans on 6's and he still dont wanna do nothing!

  15. My homeboy Wonnie got a old school Lemans and he been trying to get at him but he keep running from him

  16. I wasnt saying it in a bad way cuz yeah he pullin hard. I know some people thats trying to get him to line it up tho

  17. yeah he running pretty decent

  18. damn that boy got nice power

  19. Overall nice ride lots of power to the rear wheels GBoDYs UP!!!!!

  20. The answer to that wheel hop is =Bagged coils and Anti hop Bars

  21. piece of shit and why somebody always gotta play some lame ass music in the back ground 

  22. Yes very nice vehicle. I am sure there is much more to be seen from this car in the future………


  24. The rear end is fine. When you have wheel hop thats where the suspension parts comes into play. If he has adjustable trailing arms he may need to adjust the pinion angle or may even have to add air bags inside the rear coil springs.

  25. Hell yeah!!! Dont look as bad in the video. 

  26. damn he got wheel hop bad

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